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Yanmar coolant (1 liter)


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12.72 ex. VAT
15.14 incl. VAT

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Yanmar coolant (1 liter)

Extra information:

  • Content 1 liter
  • Suitable for Yanmar Yanmar diesel engines
  • Protection up to -40°C
  • Color: Pink (mixable with other colors)

Item number: HC52


Yanmar mini tractor zitmaaier maaier minitractor compact compacttractor trekker minitrekker compacttrekker 4wd

sa221 sa324 sa424

AC-10 AC-16 AC-18 AC-21 AC10 AC16 AC18 AC21

AF114 AF116 AF118 AF120 AF220 AF222 AF224 AF226 AF322 AF324 AF326 AF328 AF330 AF333 AF336 AF339 AF342 AF645 AF650 AF655 AF660 AF665 AF865 AF875 AF880 AF890

AF-15 AF-16 AF-17 AF-18 AF-150 AF-160 AF-170 AF-180

AF15 AF16 AF17 AF18 AF150 AF160 AF170 AF180

EF227H EF230H EF233H EF235H EF312T EF324 EF326 EF326V EF328 EF328V EF330 EF330V EF334 EF334V EF338 EF338V EF342J EF342VJ EF352T EF453 Ex450 Ex2900 Ex3200

F13D F14D F15D F16D F17D F18D F20D F22D F46D F145 F155 F165 F175 F180D F195 F200D F215 F220D F235 F255

F265 F320 F360 F395 F420 F475 F535 F605

F-5 F-6 F-7 F-190 F-210 F-230 F-250

F5 F6 F7 F190 F210 F230 F250

FX13D FX17 FX20D FX22D FX24D FX26D FX28D FX32D FX42D FX195 FX215 FX235 FX255 FX265 FX285 FX305 FX335 FX435

Ke-140 Ke-160 Ke-170H Ke-200H Ke140 Ke160 Ke170 Ke200

Lx410 Lx450 Lx490 Lx4100 Lx4500 Lx4900

Sc2400 Sx3100


YM135d YM140d YM147d YM155d YM160d YM165d YM169d YM173d YM177d YM180d YM186d YM187d YM195d YM220d YM226d YM236d YM240d YM250d YM270d YM273d YM276d YM330d YM336d YM500d YM600d YM700d YM1100d YM1110d YM1300d YM1301d YM1401d YM1500d YM1502d YM1510d YM1600d YM1601d YM1602d YM1610d YM1700d YM1700A YM1702d YM1720d YM1800d YM1802d YM1810d YM1820d YM1900d YM2000d YM2000A-A YM2000B YM2001d YM2002d YM2010d YM2020d YM2200d YM2202d YM2210d YM2220d YM2301d YM2310d YM2402d YM2420d YM2500d YM2610d YM2620d YM2700d YM2820d YM3000d YM3110d YM3220d YM3810d YM4220d YM4300d YM4500d YM5000d YM6000d YM7000d

YMG1800 YMG2000

YT235 YT347 YT359

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Yanmar koelvloeistof (1 liter) Inhoud 1 liter Geschikt voor Yanmar Yanmar dieselmotoren Bescherming tot -40°C Kleur Roze (mengbaar met andere kleuren) SA424 SA221 YT235 minitractor minitrekkerYanmar coolant (1 liter)
12.72 ex. VAT
15.14 incl. VAT

In stock