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Shibaura grey 1 liter


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24.75 ex. VAT
29.95 incl. VAT

In stock

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Shibaura grey 1 liter

Extra information:

  • 1 liter paint
  • Grey
  • Sprayable after dilution
  • very good quality
  • High temperature resistant
  • short drying time
  • Pictures only as indication!


  • ST + SX series often have a lighter shade of gray!

paint can paint pot



Shibaura mini tractor zitmaaier maaier minitractor compact compacttractor trekker minitrekker compacttrekker 4wd

D23F D26F D28F D32F D34F D43F D195F D208F D215F D228F D235F D238F D258F D265F D275F D278F D288F D295F D318F D335F D338F D435F D438F

P15F P17F P19F P21F P145F P155F P165F P175F P185F

S30A S33H S100 S313 S318M S320 S325 S328 S330 S435 S440 S445 S455 S700S S1000 S1700

SD1300 SD1400A SD1400B SD1440 SD1500OA SD1540B SD1603 SD1643 SD1800 SD1803 SD1840 SD1843D SD2000 SD2003 SD2040D SD2043D SD2200D SD2203 SD2240 SD2243 SD2403 SD2500 SD2600 SD2603 SD2604 SD2640 SD2643 SD2803T SD2843T SD3000A SD3040 SD3203 SD3243 SD3600 SD3640 SD3903 SD3943 SD4000AD SD4003 SD4043 SD4340 SD4500 SD4540 SD4603 SD4643T SD5000T SD5040T

SE1300 SE1340 SE1540 SE1600 SE1640 SE2200 SE2500 SE2540 SE3000 SE3040 SE4000 SE4040 SE4050 SE4640 SE5300 SE5306 SE5340 SE5346 SE6000 SE6040 SE6300 SE6340 SE7300 SE7300T SE7340 SE7340T SE7900 SE7940 SE8300 SE8305 SE8340

SF1000T SF1040T

SL1303 SL1343 SL1503 SL1543 SL1603 SL1643 SL1703 SL1743 SL1843

ST318 ST321 ST324 ST329 ST333 ST440 ST445 st460

SU1100 SU1140 SU1300AD SU1301 SU1310 SU1341D SU1500 SU1540 SU13010

SX21 SX24



GS23 GS30T GS36TQ GS46 GS118PT GS120PT GS122PT GS180PT

GT14 GT16 GT141 GT142 GT161 GT162

LT113 US451S US501S US601S V46F V55F V70 V90F V475F V490F V460 X45F

SP1400 SP1440 SP1500 SP1540 SP1700 SP1740 SP1800 SP1840 SP2140 SP2500 SP2540 SP3040 SP6040

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Groot assortiment: Iseki-Kubota-Yanmar-Hinomoto-Mitsubishi-Shibaura

Shibaura gray 1 liter Extra info: 1 liter of paint Gray Can be sprayed after thinning Very good quality High temperature resistance Short drying time Pictures for indication only!Shibaura grey 1 liter
24.75 ex. VAT
29.95 incl. VAT

In stock