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Mitsubishi PTO tiller


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Mitsubishi PTO tiller

Extra information:

  • For original Mitsubishi tiller
  • Product may differ from photo!


  • Length: +/- 210mm
  • Tractor connection: 1″3/8 (6 splines)
  • Cutter connection: 28x28mm

Item number: KB73

original original milling cutter 21cm

PTO cross joint tiller miller shaft joint cardan mini tractor mini tractor


Mitsubishi mini tractor zitmaaier maaier minitractor compact compacttractor trekker minitrekker compacttrekker 4wd

D1100d D1300d D1350D D1450d D1500d D1550d D1600d D1650d D1800d D1850d D2000d D2050d D2300d D2350d D2500 D2650d D3250d D4000d

GA28 GA30 GA32 GA36 GA41 GA46 GA50 GA300 GA330 GA360 GA450 GA500 GA550 GAK32 GAK36 GAK41 GAK46 GAK50 GAK330 GAK360 GAK450 GAK500 GAK550 GCR55 GCR65 GCR75

GF14 GF15 GF16 GF17 GF130 GF150 GF170


GM450 GM500 GM550

GO26 GO28 GO30 GO32 GO34 GO260 GO261 GO280 GO281 GO300 GO301 GO320 GO321 GO340 GO341

GS16 GS18 GS20 GS21 GS23 GS25 GS160 GS180 GS181 GS182 GS200 GS201 GS202 GS210 GS230 GS231 GS232 GS250 GS251 GS252 GSK18 GSK20 GSK24 GSK190 GSK205 GSK206 GSK210 GSK226 GSK236 GSK250 GSK255 GSK256

GX34 GX37 GX40 GX46 GX50 GX371 GX401 GX461 GX511 GX3600 GX5000

MT14d MT15d MT16d MT17d MT18d MT20d MT21d Mt22d MT23d MT24d MT25d MT26d MT27d MT28d MT30d MT33d MT36d MT135d MT136d MT146d MT155d mt156d MT160d MT161d MT165d MT170d MT180d MT181d MT185d MT190d MT200d MT201d MT205d MT210d mt220d MT221d MT231d mt240d MT241d MT245d MT250d MT251d

MT260d MT271d MT280D MT285d MT291d MT300d MT301d MT311d MT331d MT338d MT341d MT368d MT372d MT408D MT468D MT508D MT630D

MT1301d MT1401D MT1601D MT1800D MT1801D MT2000D MT2001D MT2201D MT2301D MT2501D MT2600D MT2801D MT3000D MT3201D MT3500D MT4501D

MTE1800D MTE2000D


MTZ18 MTZ20 MTZ21 MTZ23 MTZ200

R1500 R2000 R2500


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