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Kubota orange spray can (types after 1989)


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Kubota orange spray can (types after 1989)

Extra information:

  • 400ml spray can
  • Orange (types na 1989)
  • very good quality
  • High temperature resistant
  • short drying time
  • Pictures only as indication!

Item number: IA32


Kubota mini tractor zitmaaier maaier minitractor compact compacttractor trekker minitrekker compacttrekker 4wd

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Motor Kubota

Motor kubota

A28 A35

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Groot assortiment: Iseki-Kubota-Yanmar-Hinomoto-Mitsubishi-Shibaura

Kubota orange spray can (types after 1989) Extra information: 400ml spray can Orange (types after 1989) Very good quality high temperature resistant picture only as indication!Kubota orange spray can (types after 1989)
20.62 ex. VAT
24.95 incl. VAT

In stock