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Iseki blue 1 liter (types before 1992)


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24.75 ex. VAT
24.75 incl. VAT

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Iseki blue 1 liter (types before 1992)

Extra information:

  • 1 liter paint
  • Blue (types voor 1992)
  • Sprayable after dilution
  • very good quality
  • High temperature resistant
  • short drying time
  • Pictures only as indication!

Item number: IB34

paint can paint pot

Motor Iseki

Motor isuzu mitsubishi

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Iseki blue 1 liter (types before 1992) Extra information: 1 liter paint Blue (types before 1992) Sprayable after dilution! very good quality! High temperature resistant short drying time!Iseki blue 1 liter (types before 1992)
24.75 ex. VAT
24.75 incl. VAT

In stock