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Filterset Noda NR1301, NR1501


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30.15 ex. VAT
36.48 incl. VAT

Fuel filter Iseki, Shibaura, Mitsubishi, Noda, Satoh, Suzue

In stock

Oil filter Iseki TU, TX, TA, Kubota A, B, BX, G, GT, Mitsubishi MT, MTE, MTX, Yanmar F, FX, AF, YM, Shibaura, Hinomoto

In stock

Air filter Iseki TX, Mitsubishi D, MT, Suzue, Noda, Satoh

In stock

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Filterset Noda NR1301, NR1501

Noda NR:

  • NR1301
  • NR1501

Set contents:

  • 1x Fuel filter
  • 1x Oil filter
  • 1x Air filter

Item number: ZZ52

maintenance kit small turn filter set filter kit maintenance kit maintenance kit maintenance kit diesel filter engine oil filter inlet filter mazout filter fuel filter oil filter air filter

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Groot assortiment: Iseki-Kubota-Yanmar-Hinomoto-Mitsubishi-Shibaura

Filterset Noda NR1301 NR1501 onderhoudsset kleine beurt filter set filterkit onderhoudskit onderhoudkit onderhoudset dieselfilter motoroliefilter inlaatfilter mazoutfilter brandstoffilter oliefilter luchtfilterFilterset Noda NR1301, NR1501
30.15 ex. VAT
36.48 incl. VAT
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