Kubota D600 engine

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Kubota D600 engine


  • Diesel
  • 3 cylinders
  • 600 cc
  • 16.5 hp

Extra information:

  • These engines come from harvesters from Japan.
  • They have few hours because they are used only a few times a year.
  • Well tested by us.
  • There may be differences with your old block eg: crankcase, oil pump, distribution, in and exhaust manifold ect. (this depends on what this engine is in, crane, shovel, tractor ect.)
  • These should then be transferred from your old engine. (the block itself is often the same)
  • Video on request possible
  • Transport possible in consultation.

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Kubota D600 motor Specificaties: Diesel 3 cilinders 600 cc 16,5 pkKubota D600 engine
1,075.00 ex. VAT
1,300.75 incl. VAT

In stock